Website and Technology Accessibility Statement

Smart & Final desires to provide a positive experience to all our customers, regardless of abilities.

Whether you are using assistive technologies like a screen reader, a magnifier, voice recognition software, or captions for videos, our goal is to make your use of Smart & Final’s website a successful and enjoyable experience.

Ongoing Efforts - Although we are proud of the efforts that we have completed and that are in-progress, we at Smart & Final view accessibility as an ongoing effort. If you have difficulty using or accessing any element of this website or any Smart & Final mobile app or tool, please feel free to call 1-800-894-0511 or email us at [email protected] for assistance.

We also welcome General Customer Support questions: contact our support team

Support Hours:

  • Store Support: Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm
  • Online/Digital Support: Mon - Fri, 8am - 7pm; Sat & Sun, 10am - 3pm

Please share any feedback or suggestions as to how we could improve the accessibility of the Smart & Final website or app.