Apply For Resale or Tax Exemptions Status

Smart & Final Business & Organization customers are invited to sign up for an account that provides resale and sales tax exemption privileges.
  1. Register your business for a Smart & Final customer profile:
    • Visit
    • Complete the form by filling in all required fields
    • Click the SIGN-UP button
    • Share that you will create a Smart Advantage number tied to your email 
  2. Next Steps:
    • Submit Your Application Below
    • Complete the form below and complete all the required fields
    • Upload your seller's Permit / Sales Tax License / TPT License OR a letter from the state in which your business operates, indicating that your organization is exempt from sales tax and use
    • Upload a completed Resale Certificate from the state in which your business operates, which can be downloaded here: CA Resale Certificate | AZ Resale Certificate | NV Resale Certificate