Wicked Waffles

Dress up classic waffles with this colorful recipe featuring First Street Pumpkin Ice Cream! They're wicked good!


2 cups First Street Instant Pancake Mix

1 First Street egg

4 tbsp melted First Street butter

1 1/4 cups First Street water

1 tsp First Street Green Food Coloring

1/2 tsp First Street Red Food Coloring

3/4 tsp First Street Yellow Food Coloring

First Street Pumpkin Ice Cream

First Street Chocolate Syrup

First Street Whipped Topping

First Street Candy Corn

First Street Sprinkles

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Combine pancake mix, egg, butter and water into mixing bowl. Whisk together.

Split mix into 2 separate mixing bowls. Add green coloring to one bowl and mix. Add red and yellow coloring to second bowl and mix.

Grease waffle iron with butter. Add green mix and orange mix to waffle iron. Approximately 2 minutes. Set aside waffles on plate to cool.

Scoop pumpkin ice cream and place on top of waffle stack.

Drizzle chocolate syrup over waffles and ice cream. Garnish with sprinkles, candy corn and whipped topping.