I have received an email to create a password, why should I do this?

At Smart & Final, we want to ensure all customer information is safe and secure. We are making some improvements to our website that provides a single website with access to informational content like weekly ads, coupons, shopping & digital receipts all in one place. Setting a password provides you access to these features and content in a safe & secure way


I did not receive a create password email or deleted it or can’t find it, can I still create a password?

Yes, simply login your using the email that you have previously used to access Smart & Final features – This is your email that you used for Click & Save or your shop.smartandfinal.com or mobile app email that you used to place orders


I am Smart Advantage user who used your website to register or place large orders or have previously used your website to access digital receipts, do I have to create a password?

You do not have to create a password (yet). We are in the first phase of launching new features, this will be extended to our Smart Advantage users in the immediate future and you will be notified when this is ready. For now, you can continue to access the website/features and use your existing user name and password as you have done before


Will I still receive my weekly emails, or do I have to set a password before I can receive this?

You will continue to receive your weekly emails from Smart & Final. You only have to set a password if you want to change your subscription settings.