Only some stores are available for shopping online through smartandfinal.com, why can I not shop across all stores/zip codes?

We are starting to expand the coverage of our shopping regions through the course of the year. Initially only a selected list of stores is available for online delivery, this will be enhanced rapidly. The home page will have clear communication of what stores have now been enabled for online shopping. 

Right now, the only store enabled for online shopping is Montebello #522


What about shop.smartandfinal.com, can I shop here as well?

Until we have enhanced our shopping capabilities to all Smart & Final stores, you can continue to use the shop.smartandfinal.com site and the mobile app. Once we have enabled all stores to be shoppable through smartandfinal.com, the shop.smartandfinal.com and the mobile app will be discontinued. You will be notified when this occurs


What about my order history on shop.smartandfinal.com or mobile app, will this be lost?

No, we will provide you access to all prior information. We will migrate your shop.smartandfinal.com and mobile app orders into smartandfinal.com. You can continue to place orders on both smartandfinal.com and shop.smartandfinal.com and mobile app these will be available in my orders section website of smartandfinal.com


There is a button on weekly ad with “Add to cart”, does this mean the PDF is now shoppable?

Yes, we are adding shopping features across our weekly ads. You can easily add orders from your weekly ads. As soon as the shopping coverage is added to all stores, you will see this enabled across all store selected


Will the new smartandfinal.com support large orders?

Yes, can place orders across any volume of items. 


Who will do the delivery of these orders?

We have partnered with 2 vendors to provide delivery to your online orders. The vendor we choose to provide delivery will depend on size of orders as well as availability of the vendor by zip code. The 2 vendor partners are

  1. Shipt​
  2. TForce