At a summary, we have outlined the below. We will continue to add more features as time progresses

  1. You can now shop on smartandfinal.com in addition to shop.smartandfinal.com (currently only 1 store is available for online delivery in smartandfinal.com). Once all stores are added for shopping on smartandfinal.com, shop.smartandfinal.com will be shut down
  2. You can also shop from the weekly ads
  3. You can create a list from a larger set of recipes that are now available
  4. You can shop as a guest customer; this means you do not have to create an account on smartandfinal.com
  5. You can set dietary interests which will allow us to further personalize your experience. The level of personalization you experience on smartandfinal.com will increase over time. At this stage, we are simply capturing these dietary preferences.
  6. You can store your address and credit cards to simplify the shopping experience, you do not have to type this every time you shop with us. This information is very secure, and we are compliant with various security standards. We do not store credit cards but simply use a method called Tokenization in the payment industry.
  7. You can access order history across your shop.smartandfinal.com and smartandfinal.com. In my account section, you will find a unique smart & final member number that has been assigned to you, if you present this card number for instore purchases, you can also access the order history across store purchases
  8. Any promotions such as buy 2 & save are automatically apply when you checkout online
  9. If you are a Smart & Final active employee, you will start to receive employee discounts when you checkout


In the future we plan to 

  1. Provide online delivery capability across all smart & final stores
  2. Provide you access to your order history not just online and instore but also across your smart & final accounts in Instacart & Shipt
  3. Add shopping capabilities for our resale business customers
  4. Provide you access to coupon information as you shop across the site
  5. Capability to order online and pick up in store
  6. Expand shopping capabilities to our business resale customers