Smart & Final – IR Tour

Background song starts with strong beat and male singing “yeah-ah, yeah-ah”, song plays through entire video.

Text: Smart & Final

Creating a new paradigm in food retailing.

Dave Hirz (Chief Executive Officer): “The Smart & Final Store we’re standing in today really represents the culmination of generations of growth, revolution and refinement. I’ve been in the grocery business my entire life and there’s really not another store like this. Not only are we coming in, we’re going to be 12 – 14% lower prices, but the offering is incredibly broad. The key part of the business model for us is the low cost aspect, because that’s where it all starts; smaller store, warehouse shelving, everything we do is all about keeping the cost lower to be able to provide retails that are incredibly competitive in the marketplace.”

Mike McLean (Asst. District Manager): “This is a store that anybody can shop at. It can be the household customer coming in to pick up dinner for tonight. It could be the little league snack bar operator that needs to buy soda and water and candy for the little league tournament. And it can be the business owner or the food truck that comes in to get their daily, weekly or monthly needs. Everybody gets the great prices and everybody gets the great service.”

Kassandra Acedo (Senior Product Category Manager): “What we have found is that whether our customers are business customers or household customers, they really have some things in common, and that being they just want to provide for others, they are people who love to serve and host. The guy who runs the local bakery, the Pintrest Mom, the foodies at home or the restauranteurs, when we built the store, that’s who we built the store for.”

Mike McLean (Asst. District Manager): “You know, a recent study shows that we actually offer twice as many club sized items then club stores do.”

Rick Morales (District Manager): “Not only do club sizes offer tremendous savings, we offer the small sizes and the in-between sizes. We don’t require a membership, we don’t require a card, it’s just true savings for the customer that we provide.”

Dave Hirz (Chief Executive Officer): “Business customers at Smart & Final are still about a third of our volume, they’re a really important customer for us.”

Rick Morales (District Manager): “Business customers love us because as they walk in they’ve got personalized touch from the associates. It’s not every business customer that can walk into a store and be greeted by the produce associate by name or the manager by name.

Dave Hirz (Chief Executive Officer): “Every single Smart & Final Extra you walk into, the first department you walk into is the produce department. Really, Really, incredibly proud of it,”

Ben Rueda (Perishable Products Merchandiser): “Local grown produce is big with us, we support our local farmers. We have an extensive selection of certified organics. We also offer a great selection of business case bulk items that really differentiates us from traditional grocery. You can come in and you can buy a single apple, or you can buy enough apples to open up your own apple pie shop if you needed to.

Dave Hirz (Chief Executive Officer): “Our meat departments have, like everything in the store have really evolved. In just the last five years we’ve doubled the size of our meat department, really just based on customer request. We carry household cuts of every variety of meat and pork and poultry, and also business items; the big primal of beef that our business customers are looking for.

Mike McLean (Asst. District Manager): “Good & Well is a new category at Smart & Final. There’s fifteen different categories throughout the center store that do have the Good & Well sections. The Good & Well sections really complete the one-stop-shop that we’re going for. You know, now you can really buy everything you need here whether it’s the fresh produce, meat, frozen items, oven roasted chicken for dinner tonight or healthy snacks for the kid’s lunches.”

Dave Hirz (Chief Executive Officer): “Smart & Final is really proud of our private label program. We actually had one of the first private label programs in the United States.”

Kassandra Acedo (Senior Product Category Manager “Private label, they represent roughly 30% of our total sales. A lot of restaurant owners and small business owners buy our private label products and it becomes literally part of their menu.”

Dave Hirz (Chief Executive Officer): “We’re really excited about the First Percent back program. Anytime a customer buys a First Street product (there’s thousands of them throughout the store), we give back the first percent of profit to the Charitable Foundation to be able to do work in the communities we operate in.”

Images flash by of: Store front, bulk produce, oven roasted chicken, meat section, Torani syrup shelves, end caps and pallets in front of end caps.

Text: Households & Businesses

Images flash by of: Soda aisle, organic produce section, female associate performing check out, refrigerated juice section.

Text: Low Prices & Restaurant Quality

Images flash by of: Condiments & canned fruit aisle, Monster & sport beverage shelves, catering and storage containers shelves, champagne & wine shelves (with sign “ Buy one or buy 6, Same low prices at Smart & Final).

Text: Fresh & Organic

Images flash by of: Bulk bins section, produce section, Good & Well tea shelves, front of store (registers in the background produce bins in the foreground).

Text: Big & Small Sizes

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Text: Smart & Final


Smart & Final Commercial - Central Coast

Background song with bell sounds plays through entire video.

Working Mom: I’m a working Mom with four kids and no time.

Restaurant Owner: I serve the best steaks in town.

Snack Mom: This week I’m snack Mom.

Working Mom: And I shop…

Restaurant Owner: And I shop…

Snack Mom: And I shop…

Male Customer: At the new Smart & Final. There’s more club sizes here than the club store.

Snack Mom: Family size, team size

Restaurant Owner: And restaurant quality everything.

Working Mom: It’s fresh, delicious and it costs so much less.

Snack Mom: All this and tonight’s dinner too!

Female voiceover: The new Smart & Final. Warehouse & Market, Friend & Neighbor, Us & You. Now fourteen stores on the Central Coast, it’s the new Smart & Final.