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Spooky Salami Sandwiches

Make endless combinations of spooky sandwiches. Just add an extra tooth or eyeball!




4 First Street Sesame Seed Hamburger Buns

1 log of Gallo Italian Salami (8-10 slices per sandwich)

Red onion

White onion

Slicing tomatoes

4 Slices of First Street Sliced Monterey Jack Cheese

1 English Cucumber

Sun Harvest Organic Ketchup

12 First Street Medium Pitted Ripe Olives



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Preparing the ingredients: Slice the salami into slices 3/16” thick. Cut tomatoes ¼” thick. Slice red onions across the grain to make rings of red onion. Slice the white onion in half and then cut into strips. Slice the cucumber into 1/8” slices and cut the olives into thirds.

To assemble each sandwich: Add half the salami on the bottom half of the bread roll, add a piece of cheese then add the rest of the salami. Add 2 tomato slices on top of the salami, and then some ketchup arrange the onions as shown in the picture above and then place the top of the bun on top. Create the eyes by skewering the cucumbers and olives on a toothpick and then stick them in to the top of the bun.

Makes 4 Spooky Salami Sandwiches.