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Hamburger Monsters

Transform your classic burgers or sliders into little monsters.




6 First Street Restaurant Style Hamburger buns

6 First Street Ground Beef Patties

2 Tomatoes

6 Slices of First Street Sliced Monterey Jack Cheese

Sun Harvest Organic Ketchup

6 First Street Kosher Dill Sandwich Slices

12 First Street Manzanilla Olives Pimento Stuffed


Salt & Pepper


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Cut one edge of each cheese slice into pointy triangles of various sizes to form the teeth (see image below of cheese slice for an example on how to cut the cheese). Cut tomatoes into round slices.

Season the burger patties with salt & pepper and grill them on the barbeque. When the burgers are about a minute away from being cooked, put the hamburger buns on the grill open side down. Watch the buns as they get toasted as they can quickly burn if not watched.

Assemble the burger by placing the tomato slice down first, then add the hamburger patty, followed by the pickle, ensuring that the rounded edge sticks out like a tongue, add the cheese slice so that the triangle teeth shapes hang over the side of the patty, then add ketchup followed by the top of the bun. Skewer one olive on each toothpick and stick the toothpicks in the top of the bun to make the eyes.

Makes 6 Hamburger Monsters.