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Halloween Fruit

Try these quick and easy tips. Your little ones can help out!




4 Bananas

24 Pieces of First Street Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

Juice of 1 lemon (or orange/mandarin if you don’t have a lemon on hand)

8 Clementines, cuties or some other small mandarin

1 Celery Stick


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Ghostly Bananas: Peel bananas and cut in half. Stand upright on your serving plate then brush with lemon juice (to keep the bananas from going brown). Push chocolate chips into the bananas to make the eyes and mouth.

Mandarin Pumpkins: Wash celery and slice into sticks 1/3” by 1 ½”. Peel the mandarins. Stick celery pieces into the top of the mandarins to make the pumpkin stalks.

Arrange the mandarin pumpkins around the ghostly bananas.

Makes 8 Banana Ghosts & 8 Pumpkins.