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Ghostly Pizza

Ghosts and bats and spiders, oh my! Put an interesting, Halloween spin on pizza this year.




1 Pita bread

1 1/2 tbs La Romanella Pizza Sauce

4 tbs. First Street Mild Shredded Cheddar Cheese

12 pieces of First Street Italian Dry Salami or First Street Pepperoni

6 slices of Fresh Mozzarella Cheese (you could also use regular mozzarella)

8-12 First Street Medium Pitted Ripe Olives (black olives)


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Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. Take pita bread and spread the pizza sauce around the surface, with the last 1/4” around the pizza left with no sauce. Add some pepperoni or salami slices in the center of the pizza, then take 3 or 4 more slices and cut bat shapes out of them with a sharp knife, placing the bats around the edge of the pizza, approximately evenly spaced. Sprinkle 2 tbs. of grated cheddar on the sauce, with more of the cheese being in the middle. Bake in the oven until everything starts to sizzle and the cheese has melted, then pull the pizzas out to add the spiders and ghosts.

Cut the fresh mozzarella cheese into 1/8” thick slices and use a ghost cookie cutter to cut out the ghost shapes. To make the spiders legs, cut 4-6 olives in half lengthways and then cut slices out of the halves. Place the ghosts on the pizza first, and then arrange the whole olives for the spider bodies with the cut olives for the legs around the ghosts. Put the pizzas back in the oven for about 1 minute (any longer and you risk the ghosts becoming indistinguishable blobs.)

Makes 1 Ghostly Pizza.