Image of the following First Street Coffee products: 100% Colombian Pods, Restaurant Blend, French Roast Can, Classic Roast Can, Expresso Roast, French Roast Pods and Donut Shop Blend Pods.  To the right of these products are two white cups of coffee with coffee beans and pods in front of them.Image of the following First Street Coffee products: French Roast Pods, 100% Colombian Pods and a bag of coffee beans sideways with beans spilling out of it, also in the image is a white mug of coffee.

Ambiance is now First Street!

Same quality. Same taste. New look! Good days start with great coffee!


With so many coffees to choose from including new varieties and blends coming soon, enjoy your old favorites or try something new today!

Find these great coffees exclusively at your local Smart & Final store, or online at
Remember, all First Street products, including First Street Coffee, come with our Try It & Love It Guarantee!


See below for coffees now available and new varieties coming soon:


Premium Coffee - Ground & Whole Bean



French Roast Ground 12-oz

Dark Roast – Rich bold smoky flavor with notes of chocolate.

Kona Blend Ground 12-oz

Medium Roast – Bright and balanced flavor of sweet caramel and chocolate with a tangy finish.

COMING SOON! Costa Rica Tarrazu Ground 12-oz

Medium Roast – Single origin coffee, robust and fruity, with the taste of honey and milk chocolate with a soft bright finish.

COMING SOON! Blonde Roast Ground 12-oz

Light Roast – Mellow flavor with zesty lemon and fruit notes. Contains a high amount of caffeine!

COMING SOON! Sumatra Mandheling Ground 12-oz

Dark Roast – Single origin coffee, complex and rusty with a combination of sweet & spicy notes and an earthy finish.





Espresso Roast Whole Bean 32-oz

Dark Roast – Rich, smooth chocolate notes with a toffee finish.

100% Colombian Ground 32-oz

Medium Roast – Caramel sweetness with nutty undertones.

Decaffeinated Blend Ground 32-oz

Medium Roast, full flavor!

COMING SOON! Extra Bold Roast Whole Bean 32-oz

Dark Roast – Robust flavor for espresso beverages or traditional drip coffee.

COMING SOON! Fine Dining Blend 5-lb

Medium Roast – Notes of citrus, dark chocolate with a smoky finish. Pairs well with a meal, dessert or cheese plate.



Premium Coffee - Single Serve (K-Cups)



French Roast 12-ct

French Roast 48-ct

French Roast 100-ct

Donut Shop Blend 12-ct

Donut Shop Blend 48-ct

Donut Shop Blend 100-ct


Kona Blend 12-ct

100% Colombian 48-ct

COMING SOON! Kona Blend 48-oz

COMING SOON! Blonde Roast 12-ct

COMING SOON! Blond Roast 48-ct



Ground Coffee



Classic Roast 11.3-oz

Classic Roast 29.8-oz

Classic Roast 48-oz

Classic Decaf 29.8-oz


100% Colombian 27.8-oz

French Roast 27.8-oz

COMING SOON! Vanilla Nut 11.3-oz

COMING SOON! Donut Shop 27.8-oz


Enjoy a cup of First Street Coffee today!