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We are a growth and value-oriented food retailer serving a diverse demographic of household and business customers through two complementary and highly productive store banners. Our Smart & Final stores focus on both household and business customers, and our Smart Foodservice stores focus primarily on business customers. We have a differentiated merchandising strategy that emphasizes high quality perishables, a wide selection of private label products, products tailored to business and foodservice customers and products offered in a broad range of product sizes, all at "everyday low prices."

Our Smart & Final stores, offer extensive selections of fresh perishables and everyday grocery items, together with a targeted selection of foodservice, packaging and janitorial products, under both national and private label brands. Pricing in our Smart & Final stores is targeted to be substantially lower than that of conventional grocers and competitive with large discount store operators and warehouse clubs.

Within the Smart & Final banner we operate both Extra! and legacy Smart & Final stores. Eight years ago, we launched a transformational initiative to convert our larger legacy Smart & Final stores to our Extra! format. With a larger store footprint and an expanded merchandise selection, our Extra! format offers a one-stop shopping experience with approximately 16,400 SKUs, approximately 4,300 more SKUs than our legacy Smart & Final stores, with an emphasis on perishables and household items. In recent years we have significantly increased the number of Extra! stores, facilitated, in-part, by our acquisition of a dedicated perishables warehouse, and further supported by our continued investments in distribution capabilities and in-store merchandising.

Our Smart Foodservicestores in Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Idaho, Nevada and Utah focus primarily on restaurants, caterers and a wide range of other foodservice businesses such as food trucks and coffee houses. We offer customers the opportunity to shop for their everyday foodservice needs in a convenient, no-frills warehouse shopping environment. Pricing in our Smart Foodservice stores is targeted to be substantially lower than that of our foodservice delivery competitors and typical warehouse clubs, with greater price transparency to customers, no minimum order size and no membership fee requirement.

We believe that our differentiated model as a one-stop shop for our household and business customers and our unique product assortment of private label, club sizes and high quality perishables at everyday low prices ,enable us to offer a differentiated food shopping experience with broad appeal to a diverse customer demographic

Operating Stores at Third Fiscal Quarter End (October 7, 2018)

Smart & Final Banner Stores Smart Foodservice Banner Stores Total Company
Extra! format Legacy format Total
199 61 260 64 324