What are the new features available on SmartandFinal.com?

We’re currently transitioning to a new website to offer you greater personalization and an even better online shopping experience! The following updates are already available, but stay tuned, as we will continue to add more features.

  • Online Shopping Through SmartandFinal.com. While you can still shop at shop.smartandfinal.com, now select Smart & Final stores also offer online delivery directly through SmartandFinal.com. We are in the middle of moving everything to SmartandFinal.com only, so once all our stores are updated, shop.smartandfinal.com will go away.
  • Shoppable Weekly Ads. Our weekly ads available at SmartandFinal.com are now directly shoppable.
  • Shopping Lists from Recipes. To help you with recipe ideas, you can create a shopping list directly from our recipe section.
  • Promotions Available Online. Any available promotions will now automatically apply when you checkout online.
  • Personalized Preferences. For any dietary interests, our new website will allow us to further personalize your experience. At this time, we are simply getting to know you and your dietary preferences, and in the future, the level of personalization you experience on SmartandFinal.com will increase as a result.
  • Access Order History. Online order history is accessible on shop.smartandfinal.com or SmartandFinal.com.
  • Ability to Store Information in Protected Environment. We invite you to safely store your address and credit cards, so that you do not have to type this every time you shop with us. This information is very secure and we are compliant with various security standards, using a method called tokenization to protect this information.
  • Guest Shopping. If you prefer to remain a guest customer, you do not have to create an account on SmartandFinal.com.

If only some stores are available for online shopping through SmartandFinal.com, why can I not shop across all stores and zip codes?

We are starting to expand the coverage of our shopping regions. While only a select list of stores is available immediately for online delivery, the remainder will be added in time. The home page of SmartandFinal.com will provide updates on what stores have been enabled.

What about shop.smartandfinal.com? Can I shop here as well?

Until our new online shopping capabilities have reached all Smart & Final stores, you can continue to use the shop.smartandfinal.com website and our mobile app. Once we have enabled all stores to be shoppable through SmartandFinal.com, we will discontinue shop.smartandfinal.com and the mobile app. You will be notified when this occurs.

Will I still be able to access my order history on shop.smartandfinal.com or the mobile app?

Yes! We will provide you access to all prior information; however, we will migrate your order history into SmartandFinal.com.

There is a button on the weekly ad that says “Add to Cart”. What does this do?

We are adding shopping features across our weekly ads! You can easily add items from your weekly ads directly into your shopping cart. As soon as this functionality is added to your store, you will see it enabled.

Will the new SmartandFinal.com support large orders?

Absolutely. You can place orders for any volume of items because we know it’s important to our customers to be able to purchase both club and household-sized products.

Who will handle the shopping and delivery of these online orders?

We have partnered with two experienced companies to provide delivery of your online orders. Depending upon the size of your order, as well as availability by zip code, either Shipt or TForce will handle the shopping and delivery of your online order.

Do I have to set a preferred store in order to access the features and online shopping?

Yes. As we enhance our shopping features, setting a preferred store will allow us to localize your shopping experience and ensure we show you the items and offers specific to your store.



I have received an email to create a password. Why should I do this?

At Smart & Final, we want to ensure all customer information is safe and secure. We are making some improvements to our website that provide a single point of access to content like weekly ads, coupons, shopping and digital receipts, all in one place. Setting a password provides you access to these features and content in a safe and secure way.

I did not receive an email to create a password or I can’t find it. Can I still create a password?

Yes, simply log in using the email that you previously used to access Smart & Final features and place orders through shop.smartandfinal.com.

I am a Smart Advantage user and am already registered to place large orders and access digital receipts. Do I have to create a password?

You do not have to create a password (yet). We are in the first phase of launching new features and this requirement will be extended to our Smart Advantage users in the immediate future, but you will be notified when this is ready. For now, you can continue to access the website and features using your existing username and password as you have done before.

Will I still receive my weekly emails or do I have to set a password to get those?

You will continue to receive your weekly emails from Smart & Final. You only need to set a password if you want to access the SmartandFinal.com shopping features or change your subscription settings.


How do I subscribe to weekly emails?

Previously, I could simply click on “Click and Save” to subscribe to weekly emails. The new webpage looks different?

There are two simple steps to sign up for our weekly email offers:

  1. Create a password using your first and last name, and email address.
  2. Set your email preferences based on whether you shop for household, business, or both, and share any other information that can help us to personalize your experience, such as dietary interests.